A new play with live music with Ignacio Jarquinn

Set thirty years after the end of the iconic Puccini Opera, Mme Butterfly’s son, Tomisaburo, has journeyed to America in the hope of meeting his estranged father for the first time. However, B. F. Pinkerton, now Governor of Georgia is seeking re-election on a bill promoting “purity of race” and “Christian Family Values”

Winner of the 2012 CASA Latin-American Theatre Festival’s Scratch Night

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“…A work of genius…” Martin BARON thelatest.co.uk



The arrival of an illegitimate, mixed race son would be highly embarrassing, so Tomisaburo is left waiting in the entrance hall of the Governor’s house for three full days. Will the opera end with forgiveness or revenge?

“…a treat for both Butterfly fans and those new to the opera. A deliciously satisfying piece of theatre…” Claire RODERICK Fairy Powered Production

This production is visually stunning with a story worthy of grand Opera told in an intimate scale without loosing any of its overwhelming emotion. Ignacio Jarquin and his ensemble of four musicians on stage tell the journey of Butterfly’s son, Tomisaburo “… an exquisite character whose tale needed to be told… A deliciously satisfying piece of theatre…”

“A really engaging and beautifully performed piece of contemporary music theatre…” Dorothy Max PRIOR Total Theatre Magazin


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