From the audience

From a member audience, Landor Theatre, London November 2015

‘it was like watching a Noh play back home but in a European Opera. I was truly touched by the dedication given by the performer to our artforms and impressed with the attention to technical detail he gave down to the handling of the fan, the precision of the Suriashi walk’

Posted on Facebook by John Philip Margerison· 25th September 2016

Posted on Facebook by Mary Rogers (Pandora Millington-Sings). 20th April 2015

Your performance at Spring touched my heart. Magnificent. Thank you. Where and when are you planning to appear in the future? I would love to see your emotive Mme Butterfly again.

Blog of an audience member. August 4th 2013

We were actually in pursuit of a theater festival we had heard about called Tete-o-Tete Opera.  It is reminiscent of the Fringe festival we have had in San Francisco:  Experimental theater for a low cost ticket.  The web has a video of a man telling about the festival.  “We have many wonderful experimental shows.  We have one with all puppets, we have an opera about a man no voice, we have one called Indigestion where we serve a three-course meal to our guests, and many more.”

So we found this theater called Riverside Studios.  It’s a large space with a movie theater, a couple of stages, a restaurant and a bar and a cafe.  It was bustling with people and we discovered that Mme. Butterfly – a one man opera was playing in a half hour.  That kind of thing appeals to Loren and me and we really wanted to go.  We didn’t know what it was all about, but it sounded interesting.  Don, on the other hand, was not at all interested.  He envisioned one man trying to sing all the music to Puccini’s opera.  Would it be a farce? A comedy? A travesty?  Don was not going to take the chance of having Mme. Butterfly besmirched, so he want home and we stayed.

It turned out to be quite fascinating.  Fast forward thirty years from the end of Puccini’s opera, Butterfly’s son has travelled to America to meet his father for the first time. However, Pinkerton has become a politician and is campaigning for election as Senator. In addition, he still has his wife. It ends tragically with the son ending his life just like his mother did because his father refuses to see him.

The one actor was Ignacio Jarquin who was really quite remarkable.  With just a raised eyebrow or the movement of his body he was able to take on the roles of his mother, his grandfather, his American landlord and his nursemaid. He spoke perfect Japanese at times and sang arias throughout with a very lovely tenor voice.  It was just over an hour long, and he kept our attention throughout the whole time.

Ignacio Jarquin as Tomisaburo in Mme Butterfly - The One Man Opera

Ignacio Jarquin as Tomisaburo in Mme Butterfly – The One Man Opera


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